Das perfekte Profilbild für Online Dating und Singlebörsen

10 Tips for your perfect Online Dating Profile Pictures

On your computer might be stored hundreds of pictures of yourself. But wich ones are perfect for your online dating profile? We researched thousands of profiles to find out what kind of pictures work best for your flirts. The next 9 points will help you to increase your chances for real dates from online dating, just by choosing the right pictures.

1. Be recognizable

Online Dating is like Shopping: Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. So it’s good for you to show yourself at your best instead of hiding. Avoid pictures showing your back or just little snippets of yourself and not showing you in a recognizable perspective. Showing yourself increases your chance for a date more than three times!

2. Use recent pictures

Nobody benefits from your youth photos if your hair is grey and your skin wrinkled today. So better use recent photos for your profile pictures. Your hair is not blonde or brunette anymore? You can’t hide your little secrets on your first date anyway so be honest from the beginning. That’s better for all of you and avoids disappointments. Greyed hair, wrinkles and baldness are sexy for many singles so show what you really have and enjoy flirting.

3. make high quality photos

That 1 megapixel camera of a 10 years old cellphone may produce stunning pictures if used by a professional photographer but in most hands it doesn’t. You should better use a good Digital Camera for shooting your profile photos. Recent Smartphones bring some pretty good cameras, you can use them too. Whatever you use: Do your best while shooting your photos because the better your pictures look the higher are your chances for really amazing flirts.

4. Use solo photos instead of group pictures

You have lots of friends and tons of fun together? Great. But online dating is about you and only you. So waive group pictures where other singles would have to guess who in that group you are. It also would be sad for you if some single fell in love with your best friend next to you on your picture instead of you, right? So use photos that show you solo. Because this is about you and your life. You are the star! P.S.: photos showing you with your ex are no go. That’s a real date-killer.

5. Show Your Life

You have an exciting hobby or job? Show yourself doing that exciting things you enjoy most. This gives opportunity for other singles to contact you on this toppic because it can be a common feature – a great point to start a conversation!

6. Show your Face

You are beautiful. You should show this to the world and other singles. You can show it best with a nice portrait photo of yourself. Your smile and your eyes are key to wonderful flirts. So show your face and start flirting!

7. Show your Body

No, that doesn’t mean your birthday suit. It means pictures of you from head to toe so other peoples can see how attractive they find you and text you. They can also see how tall you are and your body type. These are very important criterias for a date so show yourself with a beautiful picture of yourself.

8. What do you want?

When looking for a serious relationship you will definitely need other pictures than singles looking for a one night stand. In search for a relationship pictures of your hobbies, portraits and pictures of you at an event may be suitable. Pictures of you in your underwear or beach photos showing lots of your skin may be appropriate if you are looking for an intense adventure. So think about you and what you are looking for and use pictures according to your needs. This will really enhance your contacts and flirts.

9. Avoid Selfies in the Mirror

So, here’s the truth: Mirror-Selfies are embarrassing very many cases. Mostly you see things in the mirror that you weren’t supposed to. Maybe an untidy dorm, your bathroom or other things that are not a perfect scene for you in search for a romantic flirt. So simply ask a friend to take nice pictures of you. Your friends know you best and know how and when you look pretty on a picture. Rely on them, they will really help you to get better pictures.

10. Photoshop? Less is More!

All humen have little pimples, wrinkles and some skin blemish. And yes, it’s true, photoshop can retouch them, make you more slender and smooth wrinkles. But: You can’t hide your little secrets on your first date anyway so be honest from the beginning. That’s better for all of you and avoids disappointments.